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For the first time ever, BETA Showcase teams will pitch their startups virtually through the Hopin event platform. Similar to the Fall 2019 Showcase, BETA Cohort teams will be joined by startups from Greater Minnesota to participate in the Summer 2020 BETA Showcase on July 15th at 2 p.m. 

Historically, Showcase companies have been early-stage technology founders from the greater Twin Cities Metro Area with a scalable tech-enabled product or service. In 2019, BETA partnered with Great North Lab, to expand Showcase to include ten Startups from Greater Minnesota. We’ve continued that trend and are including nine companies from around Minnesota to Showcase with the Spring 2020 BETA Cohort.

The selection committee for the Summer 2020 Showcase includes BETA Executive Director, Casey Shultz, BETA EIR, Cihan Behlivan, BETA Operations Lead, Kelly Buhl, and Collectively Digital CEO, Eri O’Diah. For non-cohort companies, the team focused on selecting Minnesota product-based startups with rapidly scaling teams that are located in Greater Minnesota or have a founding team that includes BBIPOC and/or women. With the efforts to further broaden our reach to and in support of founders from outside of the Twin Cities and diverse backgrounds, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Summer 2020 BETA Showcase Startups:


BETA Cohort Companies

Tavolo  Taranvir Johal, Co-founder and Abdirahman Hassan, Co-founder

Artemly Christopher Page, Co-founder and Neil Nelson, Co-founder

MYLO Jordan Holm, Co-founder and Brian Porter, Co-founder

AppyHour Neil Jirele, Co-founder and Jake Dye, Co-founder

ParkPoolr Jackson Lefebvre, Founder

Visana Health Joe Connolly, Co-founder and Tom Morley, Co-founder

Click360 Mike Lewis, Co-founder and Michael Weber, Co-founder

Onedesk Roman Peysakhovich, Co-founder and Daniel Ternyak, Co-founder

IsoBlack Moses Jame, Co-founder and Rod Mpagazihe, Co-founder

ZeSa Cindy Vavra, Co-founder and Shanti Rainey, Co-founder

Blue Water Financial Technologies Services Josh Freivogel, Co-founder and Al Qureshi, Co-founder


Greater Minnesota and BBIPOC or women-led companies

7 Generation Games Maria Burns Ortiz, Co-founder and AnnMaria De Mars, Co-founder

Iron Shoe Farm Carla Mertz, Founder

Safe Resell Timi Ogundipe, Founder

Vegify Kari Wordelman, Co-founder and Randy Peterson, Co-founder

JockLab Alijah Nelson, Co-founder and Anierobi Eziolise, Co-founder

Ntangl Education Rod Greder, Co-founder and Kelli Greder, Co-founder

Forever Ware Nolan Singroy, Co-founder and Natasha Gaffer, Co-founder

Soak iT Up Carla C Scholz, Founder

SunnSober Chris Aburime, Co-founder and Marit Solheim-Witt, Co-founder 



Showcase is a science fair for startups, where tech enthusiasts, reporters, investors, and the general public meet with founders from a dozen of the top emerging Minnesota companies.

The 2020 Summer BETA Showcase would not be possible without the sponsorship of our strategic partners at J.P. Morgan Chance.

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